YERD: Quality screws & fasteners; small screws a specialty; able to supply in different materials; range of electroplating options.

Yerd International Company was founded in Hong Kong in 1968. With expanding opportunities in China, the YERD Screw & Electroplating Manufactory was established at Hui Zhou in China in 1999 as the new manufacturing headquarters. The facility occupies approximately 9,000 square meters including both the screw manufacturing department and the separate electroplating department.

With over 30 years of experiences, our company had developed 4 major goals based on Quality Products & Processes, Strong Reputation, Continuous Improvement and Customer Satisfaction.

The YERD Screw department has the capacity to produce up to 200 million units per month. Our screws are already used in a wide range of industries including electronics, general electrical, toys, computers, spectacles and machinery parts. YERD supplies to well-known brand manufacturers and others in China, Singapore, USA, Europe and elsewhere. We take pride in our ability to meet customer demands for quick delivery of high quality products.

Products are manufactured to international standards such as JIS, ANSI and DIN but we can also manufacture to custom designs. Our screw products typically range from 0.8mm to 12mm in diameter and to maximum of 100mm in length. However, we can manufacture screws down to a minimum diameter of 0.5mm for precision items. YERD has recently purchased several of the latest models of multi forming machine from Taiwan adding a new dimension to our product range.

YERD can use stainless steel, low carbon steel and other non-ferrous materials in the manufacture of a wide range of screws and fasteners.

The YERD Electroplating department has been established to streamline production. It features both barrel rolling and rack plating. As well as supporting the screw manufacturing operation, the electroplating division can also electroplate other metal parts and accessories to meet customer requirements. Different electroplating colors are available including; Black Zinc, White Zinc, Multi Color Zinc, Blue Zinc, Brass, Copper, Nickel, Black Nickel and Oxidize Black. Now with the latest requirement of restriction on the usage of ChromiumVI finish, we can also provide either ChromiumIII finish in Black or white iridescent or Chromium free finish in Black or white.

As our customers would expect, we ensure strictest quality whereby all products undergo two quality control checks. Staff training is a key element of our quality control process and our company has started by acquiring the BSI ISO9001-2000 quality assurance standards.

Another aspect of our overall corporate philosophy is an environmental consciousness with recycling of energy and water, as well as water conservation and maintenance of water treatment plants, being among our top priorities.

YERD - A good company, manufacturing quality products, adding new equipment and facilities in order to develop, maintain and strengthen successful customer relationships.